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Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance

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Long title
Short title
Pharmacy and Poisons Board
The Pharmacy and Poisons Board
Chairman of Board and meetings
Power of Board to establish executive committees
Codes of conduct and codes of practice
Pharmacists: Requirements for Registration and Practising Certificate
The register of pharmacists
Evidence of registration
Correction of register
Qualifications for registration as pharmacists
Certificate of registration as a pharmacist
Certificate of good standing
Misuse of certificates of registration
Registered pharmacist not to practise without practising certificate
Recovery of practising fees
Retail Sale of Poisons
Authorized sellers of poisons
Premises required to be under the control of a registered pharmacist
Registration of premises
Display of logo
Annual return
Registered Pharmacists and Authorized Sellers of Poisons: Disciplinary Proceedings and Restriction on Use of Titles
Appointment of Disciplinary Committee
Powers of a Disciplinary Committee
Powers of Disciplinary Committee at inquiries
Liability of authorized sellers of poisons for acts of employees
Voting of Disciplinary Committee
Provisions as to directions or findings given by Disciplinary Committee*
Restriction on use of certain titles, etc.
Sale and Possession of Poisons
Conditions of sale of Part 1 poisons*
Limitations on sale of Part 1 poisons*
Possession of Part 1 poisons prohibited*
Possession of poisons by retailers
Listed sellers of poisons
Conditions of sale of Part 2 poisons*
Poisons to be labelled, etc.
Exemption with regard to medicines
Import and Export of Pharmaceutical Products
Restriction on import and export of pharmaceutical products
Power to make regulations
Power of Board to specify forms
Pharmacy and Poisons Appeal Tribunal
Right of appeal to Court of First Instance
Poisons Committee
Exemption with respect to sales wholesale and sales to certain persons
Recovery of costs and expenses of collecting or analysing poisons or pharmaceutical products etc.
Inspection and enforcement of Ordinance
Ordinance not to apply to Chinese herbal medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines, etc.